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The Talks


Steve Smith - Fertility, the key to a healthy lawn!

Maintaining adequate fertility for turfgrass is an important factor of growth quality- but it’s more than just “N-P-K.” Learn the differences between fertilizer products, technology, balanced nutrient management, organic matter, and the impact of pH.

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Steve Smith - What’s Bugging You?
Chinch Bugs and White Grubs (European Chafer) are well known pests in Maritime lawns. We will examine the life cycle, treatment strategies, and products used to control these turf damaging insects. Also learn about cultural practices to help limit and repair insect damage.

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Tony DiGiovanni - Rules for Success in Business and Life

In his 30 years as Executive Director of Landscape Ontario Horticultural Trades Association, Tony has observed thousands of industry members thrive and struggle (or both) through good times and bad.

He has witnessed many individuals go through all types of situations- recessions, depressions, mergers, partner conflicts, family squabbles, demographic shifts, successions, acquisitions, severe market changes and more.

When faced with the rapid pace and relentless change of business many respond with inspired leadership, incredible resilience, adaptability, prophetic vision, energizing passion and contribution. Some give up.

Tony will profile the experiences and characters of real personalities who have left their mark and their legacy on the Landscape/Horticulture sector. Many life and business lessons can be gleaned by listening to the stories of those who have shaped the profession. "


Darby McGrath - The Ontario Landscape Tree Planting Guide

The recently released Ontario Landscape Tree Planting Guide is one of the most comprehensive tree planting guides ever developed for use by the landscape industry across Canada and likely North America. The Guide is available to all user groups, including installers, designers, arborists and specifiers.

This talk will explore The Guide which is comprised of summaries of up-to-date research and a series of corresponding field sheets that refines the information into actionable items.


Darby McGrath - Functional Landscapes – Plants (and soil) Can do that!

The demand for functional landscapes and urban biodiversity is growing.  Plants and soils in the built infrastructure play an important role in keeping our air clean, our neighbourhoods cool and enjoyable.  Join Dr. Darby McGrath of the Vineland Research and Innovation Centre as she talks about designing functional landscapes from the ground up.


Susan Yoder - Seed Your Future – Promising Practices in Recruiting More Students and Trainees

While initial efforts from the Seed Your Future movement have focused on long-term solutions to building our green-collar pipeline of workers, in 2019, they launched efforts to focus on a second market – high schoolers and young adults.  Hosting a Summit on promising practices in recruitment of students into certification, training and higher education programs in June, the movement is gearing up for new materials and resources in 2020.  In this session, you’ll be on the ground floor learning from those promising practices of others before any of the new resources are released.  Come with your own promising practices to share as well.

Compost Council - Compost, soil health, and climate change

Compost has the potential to be a significant player in both the soil-health and climate-change challenges. Recent scientific work has revealed that applying compost to soil can sequester compost at very high rates, provided that the compost application is accompanied by certain soil-health best-management practices. Compost can also increase soil resilience, which is a key to adaptation in an era of climate extremes. This new information should open the door to new compost markets, but it is important to understand both the scope of the opportunities and the limitations.

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Compost Council - Using Compost to Build Good Soil Structure
Good soil structure is a key to sustainable, cost-effective soil management. Well-structured soils allow better infiltration of rainfall, increase water holding capacity, and provide the pore space necessary for good root growth and development. If used properly, the application of compost can greatly assist in the building of healthy, well-structured soils. This workshop will cover: the basic scientific principles of soil aggregation and health; the main benefits of this approach to soil management; a summary of the pros and cons of best management practices and systems; and how to use of compost and compost-derived products as integral parts of the most effective soil-management regimes.

Tracey MacKenzie – Building Sponge City
The time has come to realize we are in the water business (as well as the soil and air business). How can our landscape be better constructed to remediate water as opposed to sending it directly into rivers streams and oceans.

Tracey MacKenzie – Innovations in Hardscape Installation
Are there better ways? Better tools? Of course.

 Alyssa Light – Preshow workshop – Reversed engineered interviews

What would be possible if your business was full of shining stars?
Struggling to find the right employees for your business? What if the solution could start happening in just a few hours? Alyssa will run a morning workshop that promises to deep-dive on writing job descriptions that will attract great people and show where to find them. The juiciest part? Learn to conduct interviews in a way that has candidates filtering themselves – a process that can save you time and money; that lets you experience the wonder of having the right people on your team. Please bring a current job description and/or posting. NOTE: If you have never hired, or don’t know where to start, this workshop is definitely for you - just bring a job posting you find online.

 Alyssa Light – Marketing is About Belonging: The Unsexy Truth that Will Grow Your Business
Let’s deflate the elephant in the room: Marketing doesn’t have to be expensive or complicated; it has to be strategic and intentional. In this session we’ll park the elevator speeches and put the accelerator on positioning statements. Positioning statements can be used throughout your marketing and, when carefully crafted, will draw potential customers in. When we’re done that piece, Alyssa will take the hot seat and create personal marketing for audience members – right there on the spot. When you design marketing customers can see themselves in and a businesswhere people feel like they belong, you’ve fulfilled on the #1 thing people want to feel. Belonging isn’t touchy-feeling; belonging = loyalty and loyalty = revenue.

Alyssa Light – Obvious Boxes: Offline Marketing With Exploding ROI
In the digital age of “that was so yesterday”, there is an old way of communicating that has taken on new life: The post - and it’s taking offline marketing by storm. Imagine a box, perfectly wrapped in your company’s colours, landing on your desk right beside a stack of paperwork and other mail - which one are you going to open first? Strategically crafted and beautifully wrapped with a sensationally clever message inside, Obvious Boxes are just that: Mail that can’t be ignored. Cut through all the noise, the emails, the phone calls, and the distractions – capturing your prospect’s allusive attention for a precious moment - a moment that could change business (yours and theirs) forever. Boasting a 10-50% call back rate, Obvious Boxes are the marketing of the future. In this session you’ll learn how to create them, when to send, and just how awesome the ROI can be.

 Alyssa Light - Statements of Inclusion: More than a Trend - A Game Changer
This is not another directive and domineering feministic lecture - this is a session to learn
about working though some tough situations and awkward conversations, and how sharing
your commitment to inclusion can increase business through loyalty and referrals. There was a time when inclusion meant having a child with special needs in a classroom; today it means integrating differences of all sorts into our workplaces, too - racial, developmental, orientation, age, gender, etc. Incredible things happen when people come together to create diverse teams - they are far more efficient than teams of people who all think the same way. Society has a new respect for teams that embrace people for who they are. Moreover, customers want to do business with companies that treat them like people first, and not like they are different.

Dylan Armour - FlexMSE Innovative segmental wall construction.
An introduction to the Flex MSE system, touching on its broad applications in residential, commercial, municipal and infrastructural construction.  The best practices for segmental wall construction, basics of wall engineering, bioengineering/revegation techniques such as live planting/staking and hydroseeding, as well as basics of erosion and sediment control  will all be discussed.

Rosmarie Lohnes - Sustaining our Living Shoreline
Our living shoreline is a perfect topic to demonstrate how the traditional methods no longer serve our clients. Domination over nature will no longer be tolerated as more and more people realize Nature is our link to life on this planet. Each landscaping company could be the eco warrior our planet needs right now. Human life can only exist if we have a healthy natural ecosystem.
Our colleagues can make a difference with simple tweaks of their business model and way of thinking.
Not to mention how they could use climate change drivers as products for business, like erosion and storm water management as key themes.
 It will take work to switch up their menu and learn how to use their existing skills in new ways, but it can be done. Helping Nature Heal is a prime example. Our living shoreline program can be taught and implemented association wide. It's an exciting time, and I'd love to  share with the colleagues.

​Snow and Ice Management Association - Best Practices for Snow & Ice 
Safe, quality and efficient snow and ice management operations — it's what all industry professionals should strive for to ensure they meet their customers' needs while maximizing their resources and building a strong company designed to weather the tumult that comes with a New Brunswick winter. In this session, learn about the Snow & Ice Management Association's industry best practices that have been designed to help guide snow professionals in five core areas: Estimating & Planning, Execution & Communication, Service Verification, Safety & Risk Management, and Environmental Concerns. 

Conference & Tradeshow - 2019

NOVEMBER 20, 21 and 22, 2019 | Casino New Brunswick, Moncton NB